Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I've been slack with keeping this blog up-to-date. But with the recent arrival of my new camera, I am inspired to post. David is growing so quickly we almost can't keep up. Beyond learning how to more efficiently get from place to place, he's learning what words mean and can understand so much of what we say to him. And he is learning how to express himself in all sorts of crazy ways. I give him a cookie, and he gives me a speech and a whole lot of faces...

He has also learned (or thinks he has learned) how to fool Mom by faking a nap,

and he's learned how to enjoy a good book,

and has developed quite a sense of humor. He must take after Uncle Greg.

Friday, September 5, 2008


David got to experience the Renaissance Festival last weekend. He enjoyed the joust, the sword swallower, and the tight rope walker...

but most of all, he enjoyed hanging out with Dad.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Mommy snuck her way into a few photos this weekend!


A few months before David was born, we got hooked on our friend, Elias Hilsee's, blog. We would watch in hysterics Elias going after the camera like it was his favorite snack. This video (and David's longest trip thus far on all-fours) is a tribute to Elias.


We took David to the beach this weekend. The wet sand and brisk water on his toes made a pretty powerful first impression.

But after a while, David came to understand that the big blue bathtub wasn't going to swallow him up. So he spent the rest of the first morning learning how to hang loose...

which in baby terms, means to sit in the shade on a clean blanket and play with your toys pretty far back from the big bathtub.

And of course, he ended the day with a snooze.

totally OUT.